About us

Chemiprojekt Ltd was founded in 2005 in order to support the market with designing industrial facilities and prototype technological installations.

To this day, series of investments, based on our projects and documentation, were completed with outstanding results, mainly in the chemical, metallurgical and food industries. Standards of the documentations always meet the expectations of local investors as well as international corporations.

The company brings together, on the basis of permanent cooperation, specialists from many areas,  making possible carrying out projects on all stages - from developing technological assumptions

through full-discipline civil engineering design to the development of the users’ guidance  implementing new systems and technologies. We undertake designing installations based on innovative or even prototype technological solutions

In 2014 we expanded the business with selling and distribution of chemical materials, that are used in production of household chemicals, paint and varnish and in plastics processing.

Thanks to storage possibilities we not only work with large volume recipients, but also distribute raw materials in containers.

Detailed information of our offer will be soon to find on following pages., but till then we encourage you to direct contact.

We are looking forward to your cooperation.


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